Do you know how hard it is to find recipes for lazy, incompetent people? …Well, it’s not very difficult, but since you’re here, it’s possible you’re also lazy and incompetent, so here’s a handy list of where I get a vast majority of my advice, recipes, etc. This will be updated as I find more treasure troves of recipes for people like me… because I’ve been too lazy to explore the entire internet.

  • Foodffs
  • Yummly
  • Epicurious
  • AllRecipes
  • Rasa Malaysia
  • Damn Delicious
  • Budget Bytes – if you’re broke, this website should be your meal planning HQ. She posts really great, creative low-cost recipes.
  • Viewers Like You: do you have a recipe you think is great and easy? Send it my way with the form below (You can also send me photos of your pets. I like pets.)

If there’s an easy recipe-haven you love that’s not listed here, help a girl out! Let me know. I’m always looking for different stuff to make, and bonus points if it uses one of the obscure leftover ingredients from any of my ego boost ventures.