Cutting board from LetsEngraveIt on Etsy.

“Cooking is so cathartic.”
“I love to cook for big groups of people.”
“My favorite part of cooking a meal is the prep work.”

These are things I hear good cooks say a lot.

I will probably never say that here, because cooking is fucking terrifying.

This is to catalog my adventures as I start cooking with a previous experience level of “Swedish Chef protégé.” Seriously. I burn at least one thing per meal, forget a step, miss an ingredient, forget to buy stuff and then have to substitute something at the last minute- it happens. I’m a nervous person by nature. Imagine how terrified I get when I realize that sometimes I’m in charge of feeding people.

Here are the recipes I use and my experiences with them. If I can help even one other nervous cook feel a little better, that will make me happy. If I make a master chef laugh at my incompetence, that’s okay too, but that master chef is probably a dick.

Here we go. And if you have any easy (seriously) recipes, stories, advice, or adjustments, send ’em my way. Enjoy!

“Cooking blows, but eating is fucking great!” – Julia Child, probably

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