I’m baaaaack…

Hello, friends. It’s been a minute.

I’ve been doing…a lot. I’ve been helping with political campaigns. I’ve been writing letters. I’ve been calling my elected officials. I’ve been RUNNING FOR OFFICE (that last one is WILD). I’ve been making other major life changes (new job with more demanding hours, buying a car, etc). In all the craziness, I’ve fallen into the trap of making the same recipes over and over for my roommates (as time allows- because I have not had much of it), who certainly don’t deserve that repetition. 

Things have calmed down just a little bit for me, because I needed them to or I would completely lose it. With that in mind, I’m thinking it’s time to start challenging myself in the kitchen again now that I’m forcing myself to have a little more free time. I didn’t stop writing this because I magically became incredibly competent in the kitchen- though through repeating recipes, I have learned a lot about the kind of cook that I am.

Both of my parents are amazing cooks, and they are two completely different kinds of cooks. My mom views any suggested precision in the kitchen as a hindrance, not a help. She whips up concoctions that became delicious staples of my childhood just with knowledge she’s retained over time, and has that incredible skill of assessing ingredients in the fridge and making a phenomenal meal out of it. My dad, on the other hand, has stacks and stacks of recipes, is a devoted subscriber to Cook’s Illustrated, and has a Pepperplate account that is probably incredibly daunting. Every meal he makes requires trips to multiple grocery stores, a few specialty ingredients, takes forever, but is always so worth the wait and the arduous prep.

As I’ve become more familiar and comfortable with cooking, I’m finding that I’m a mix of both. Yes, I use recipes, but also hate grocery shopping enough where if I come upon a specialty ingredient that’s not available at the nuclear-fallout-shelter-style Shoprite near me, I find a substitute. If I forget to buy something, I try to keep calm and figure out something in my cabinet that works. I’m becoming increasingly familiar with flavors that go together and ones that don’t.

So, with that in mind, the journey continues. I’ve been glancing at issues of Bon Appetit  before running off to another meeting, forum or fundraiser, but I’ve never dug in and dedicated to making anything (for the record, I never subscribed to it, and for some reason they’re coming to my parents’ house across the state, but I’ll take ’em!). I also have a recipe book full of great recipes I can’t wait to try. Here’s my arsenal (not pictured: the entire internet):


Okay, well. Let’s cook.

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