Food and TV Pairings for the Perfect Loner’s Valentines Day: Year Two

Happy Valentine’s Day! Even though I’ve been going it alone the last couple years, I’m not bitter about it. Who could argue with an excuse to celebrate love? Just yesterday I went out with my amazing lady coworkers (as Leslie Knope would call them, my galentines) and today after work I’m going home to watch movies with my everyday-Valentines: my roommates.

If you’re like me and tend to spend occasions like this plunked in front of the TV, I won’t steer you wrong when it’s time for dinner and what to follow it up with. Take a look at my suggestions. Let me be your sommelier!


The Fall: Watch Jamie Dornan in a role where he’s admonished for being a fucking creep, not rewarded with a girlfriend. It’ll also make you wonder about your partner, especially if they’re exponentially better looking than you. FOOD: a rare red meat. Raw. Freshly dead.


Gilmore Girls: Rory’s romances, at any stage, will make you feel just fine if you’re single. Lorelai’s too. However, it will make you grateful for your friends, your mom, your takeout places, and even your town selectman. FOOD: every takeout joint in town. It’s what Lorelai and Rory would want.


Sherlock: Feeling gloomy about your prospects? Well, imagine life if you were brilliant but emotionally bankrupt and super awkward. You’d be doing way worse. FOOD: chicken tikka masala, Britain’s unofficial dish for the most British character in the catalogue.


Westworld: Do you feel like your relationship is in a rut? How about a really intense loop? Do you wonder if it’s even real? Here, have a drink. You’ll need it. FOOD: a lot of liquor. A LOT.


Sense8: Here’s a show that proves what we all suspect: nothing unifies people quite like a mutation that leads to extra-sensory experiences. Don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day once. Celebrate it eight times. FOOD: Kenyan? Mexican? American? Korean? Indian? Icelandic?  Why not sample all of them? Pick the best-looking dishes.

Now go on and fall in love with yourself. You’re probably the only person you know who really earned it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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